The association is open of girls and young women who accept and make the promise and abide by the laws of the Guide movement. We have a total membership of 443,743 across the country. Membership is divided into age groups:
1. Rainbows- girls in nursery and Kindergarten school.
2. Brownies- girls from the age of 7 to 10
3. Junior Guides- girls from the age of 10 to 14
4. Rangers- girls aged 14 to 18
5. Young Leaders- young women aged 18 to 30
6. Adult Leaders- women age 30+(active in guiding)
7. Trefoil Guild- women above 35 (not active in guiding)
The need to recognize membership as an important part of UGGA was developed from the WAGGGS Global Membership Development Strategy.
WAGGGS conducted a Global Research and discovered that there has been an upward trend in Membership from 2006 of about 8.22 Million Members to 8.23 Million members in 2009.

Why a membership strategy?
WAGGGS has challenged its MO’s to develop a Membership Development Strategy. The strategic plan is a document that will be used to communicate membership actions, goals and other critical activities.
With a regional target of 1Million Members by 2017. Uganda Girl Guides Association has taken major steps in ensuring that it meets its target.
These are;
Formation of a Membership Committee whose members are drawn from the National Council and Chaired by the International Commissioner.
Identification of the Membership Development Goal which aims at recruiting 1milion Girls and Young women by 2017.
This are some of the activities that the Membership committee is undertaking and will undertake in future to realize its Goal.

Adoption of an Online Integrated Membership System; This will provide online application and automated reminder messages for membership renewal.
Conduct Membership census among Girls Young women and Adult members and enter in our current Membership Database.
Developed a SWOT analysis questionnaire which should be filled in by the Members of the National Council. This will enable UGGA comment on its strengths and weaknesses inside the Association, take advantage of our opportunities and find ways to solve our weaknesses
Developed Internal Questionnaires to collect feedback from Girls, Young women and Adult Volunteers to determine trends in Girl Guiding.
Conduct an External Research. This will determine how UGGA is perceived in the society.


Membership Development Strategy.
Form Recruitment teams at Regional, County and Ward Levels.
Image and ReBranding
Coordination of Volunteers.


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