Free Being Me


Lack of body confidence is a global issue. Despite the amazing diversity in looks and cultures around the world,many girls feel unsure about their bodies and lack body confidence.

WAGGGS and Dove came up with a non-formal educational programme to empower girls through improving body confidence and self esteem.

It uses non formal educational methods and reflects the WAGGGS values of respect for self and others,taking responsibility for yourself, working with others and making a difference to your community.

By developing self esteem and leadership skills, Free Being Me empowers children and young people to recognize and challenge these global beauty pressures and become more body confident.

Free Being Me is a unique and fun programme, through fun and interactive activities. It shows young people that body confidence and self esteem comes from valuing their bodies, standing up to social pressures and supporting others to become more body confident.

Uganda has rolled out the programme in different schools and has so far reached out to 11,870 lives. The Free Being Me second phase has started and implementation for the next three years from 2017 to 2019 is underway.

                                   Junior Guides during the campaign “Free Being Me” it is all our responsibility.

<em><strong>Junior Guides during the campaign “Free Being Me”</strong></em>

                                                   Young Leaders taking the lead on body confidence.