Lugabire campaign is a fundraising initiative developed by Uganda Girl Guides Association. Uganda Girl Guides Association is a Non-Governmental Organization that provides girls with opportunity for training in the development if character and service in the community. It empowers and uplifts a girl child by mentoring girls to become women of substance and girls of virtue.

During the 2016 YESS Exchange program, the participants went to Dokolo District to recruit female teachers into the Girl Guides Club. 40 teachers were trained and each of them had to recruit at least 30 Girl Guides from their respective schools. After 3 months we went back for a monitoring visit to the schools, and in the process we discovered that 80% of the school going children did not have shoes and therefore they had to look for a solution by initiating the lugabire campaign.

The campaign aims at improving education in Dokolo District through giving out lugabire to school going children who are unable to afford shoes.

10,000 children per school will be given lugabire and 10 schools will be reached.


We expect 10,000 school going children to be able to attend school after the campaign.
We also expect an improvement in academic performance in the 10 schools in Dokolo.
We expect an improvement in the health.

. Getting into partnership with other Non-Governmental Organizations.
. Working hand in hand with schools which have Girl Guide clubs.
. Working hand in hand with Dokolo Local Government.
. Fundraising from the general public
. Fundraising from Friends of Guiding
. Working together with the community.
. Working with Dokolo District Girl Guide structure